What is an online memorial ?

An online memorial is a virtual place where you can honorate and celebrate the memory of your loved ones. You can witness their life by adding photos, videos, music. Anytime, everywhere you can also share a thought or light a candle to keep their memory alive.

You can create a memorial in few minutes, whithout any special knowledge. Whatever the formula you choose, your memorial will have a personal network address you can give to your family and friends.

MemoryIsLife is respectful of the memory of your loved ones and we do not use your pictures or images as advertisement by posting on our home page. The pages of your memorials are not used to display advertisement and MemoryIsLife is funded only by your \“Premium\” subscriptions.

We attach great importance to the beauty of your memorial and customization. That is why we have devised many themes and colors from which you can make your choice.

Visit a demo memorial.

Some samples of our themes


100% without advertisement
Personalized network
Main photo
Photos Unlimited
Videos Unlimited
Music Unlimited
Light candles
Share a thought
public/only family and friends access/private memorial
Access from web
Access from a mobile
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Create a Memorial
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