How long does it take to create a memorial website?
Do I need any computer programming experience?
How much does a memorial website cost?
How long will my memorial stay on line?
How can I edit my memorial?
Add, delete photos, video, music...
Can I edit the colors and the appearance of my memorial?
Who can visit my memorial?
How can my relatives and friends visit online memorial?
How can I inform my family about the creation of my memorial?
Who can post a thought or light a candle on my memorial on line?
I don’t have an online memorial but I want to post a thought or light a candle on another memorial.
Can I create several memorials?
Can I access to my memorial from other computers?
I forget my password.
Where can I get help if I get stuck?
How to access my memorial from my mobile phone?
How to use MemoryIsLife on my mobile phone?
What happens when the trial period is over?
I want to switch from \Basic" formula to "Premium" formula.
I want to switch from "Premium" to "Basic" formula.
How to choose between "Basic" formula and the "Premium" formula?
How to remove my memorial on line?
What is the MemoryIslife community?
Why should i join the MemoryIsLife community?
How much does cost the MemoryIsLife community registration?
I don’t want to create an online memorial, but I would like to join the community?.
How can I create a mourning diary?
How to join the forum ?
What are the Terms and Conditions of using the service?