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This document constitutes the terms and conditions of the services offered to users MemoryIsLife.com site users.

Content available within the site MemoryIsLife.com are offered under the responsibility of the person responsible for their preparation.

Unconditional acceptance of these Terms and conduct is a prerequisite to any network registration and use of the services it offers.

Protection of personal data or personal

MemoryIsLife.com agrees never to transmit the personal data of users. In addition, the user himself decides the level of confidentiality of the content it publishes, by selecting the desired level for each content. In the case where "non-public" has been selected, MemoryIsLife.com guarantee that other persons authorized site members can access it.

MemoryIsLife.com scrupulously respects the privacy of users and protect their personal data. A statement was made to the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique and Freedoms) and registered under the number: 1jk0577555X.

A cookie is saved on the local computer of the user to enable and facilitate navigation on the site.

Inscriptions on MemoryIsLife.com:

MemoryIsLife.com To access the site, the user must register and complete all required fields of the registration form. There must be an adult under the law of his country of residence.

User also agrees to provide only accurate and truthful.

In case of loss or forgotten password tool recovery password for users. MemoryIsLife.com can not be held responsible for the consequences of any loss or forgetting the credentials of a user.

When using the service by a user who does not conform (s) to the terms and conditions of use and sale and / or the charter of good conduct, MemoryIsLife.com reserves the right to permanently terminate his account without notice or compensation of any kind.

Price of Services:

MemoryIsLife.com site registration and use most of its features is free.

Extended features are available via subscription "Premium".

Service rates are available in the "Features" or the "FAQ".

Memorials posted under the formula "Basic" are free.

Subscription renewal "Annual Premium" can be canceled at any time. The subscription will terminate at the end of the period.

Type subscriptions "Premium Unlimited" are not subject to refund.

Use and purpose of the service:

MemoryIsLife.com purpose is to provide a service for people who want to upload a memorial to keep alive the memory of a loved one. Mémoryislife.com provides a community for those who want to share their experience of grief and find and give comfort to other members.

The User shall not, without this list being considered limiting, the purpose of diverting service for propaganda and disseminate in any form whatsoever content which may constitute incentive suicide, commit crimes and offenses, incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence based on race, ethnicity or nation, apology of Nazism, challenges the existence crimes against humanity or genocide recognized to undermine the authority of justice, information about ongoing trials, or to individual tax situation, diffusion out of the conditions authorized surveys and simulations voting on an election or referendum, defamation and insult, invasion of privacy, or acts endangering minors, as well as any file for exhibit objects and / or banned books, disseminate in any form whatsoever information or content that incorporates links to third party websites that are illegal in character, contrary to morality and / or not in accordance with the purpose of service.

Generally, the user agrees to comply with all laws and regulations regarding the prohibition of the dissemination of pornography, pedophiles, obscene, or likely to cause serious harm to human dignity. Pursuant to Article 6 paragraph 7 of the ACT number 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy.

MemoryIsLife.com Administration reserves the right to remove any content violating the laws and morality mentioned above as well as any content does not comply with these Terms of Use, and any account of user to the origin of the violation without it be subject to any refund of any subscription period.

User is expressly informed that the digital content stored on his blog under its own responsibility. Therefore, only the account holder has informed the identification card will be responsible for both civil and criminal content stored on his blog. We encourage everyone to give us their feedback so content it seems contrary to the law.

Abuse, any user may at any time prevent or alert the site administrators MemoryIsLife.com via the contact form that will take all necessary measures to stop the abuse actually recorded.

Intellectual Property and Copyright:

The User agrees to comply with laws and regulations and to publish only the content (text, photos, videos ...) he has the rights to which the holder of Rights has given his consent specifically for its dissemination or that it has ensured that all rights are free.

User can publish content that violates the intellectual property rights of others, such as texts, images of people or goods, trade secrets, proprietary or confidential information, this list not being not exhaustive.

Changing the terms of use and privacy policy

The publisher reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of MemoryIsLife.com without notice.

This is a translation by the google translation service. The Terms of Reference are available in French on http://www.memoryislife.com/tour/cgu/fr